bad bad weekend

September 5, 2009

I realize that it is only Friday night but I think the best part of my holiday weekend has already passed. I believe that the highpoint will be having watched Becoming Jane. How can you not love a movie with James McAvoy’s naked ass? No matter how brief the scene was.  Naturally I thought today would be a good day, being Friday and all. I should’ve known when the 2 year old woke me up screaming. Nothing was wrong, except that Nina and Star weren’t on the TV. She still operates under the assumption that time stops when she sleeps and since they were on when she fell asleep…She was not happy with whatever her sisters had on. Anyway…So then I had to play referee all day between the two older ones. Not that this is anything new either. They are 7 and 5 and fight all day long. I wish Icould just go to sleep tonight and wake up Wed morning as the bus pulls away…oh dare to dream! Then, it was the first good hair day I had in about 2 weeks. Of course it was. I was cleaning all day for the dinner party from hell (scheduled for tomorrow) then off to soccer practice. Got eaten alive by damn mosquitoes. But I had the second best hair of all the soccer moms tonight!  Tomorrow I have to clean up whatever mess the kids made tonight and make eggplant parm for my unwanted guests. I would call them uninvited guests but hubby invited them. I really have no desire to cook for any of them or sit and listen to them complain all night but apparently I have no choice.  And they really are a bunch of complainers. I considered putting a layer of ground glass in the eggplant but I love it too much to not have any (didn’t really consider it till just now but…hmmm).  Guess I’ll just get drunk. Then, being a holiday weekend, hubby is off sun and mon to drive me nuts. Finish tiling the bathroom? no. Help me move the kids furniture to accomodate the third bed and dresser for the littlest to join the big girls room? no. Drive me insane with hunting shows and DIY? absolutely. Complain that I am reading and listening to my Ipod to avoid hunding shows and DIY? absolutely. He’s a complainer too.  Thanks for listening–is anybody? Gonna go blip some stuff now and cheer up before bed. hahaha Sweet dreams of Cookies & Rob!!!

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The Devil’s Rejects

August 28, 2009

Okay. So Iwatched Devil’s Rejects last night. While I have many questions, the first is just how many times was Rob Zombie dropped on his head as a child? Some call his work excititng and brilliant, frankly I think it’s a little disturbing. The first thing that gave me chills was the freaks in their masks. I can take straight up blood and gore anyday but give ’em wierd masks and I’m out…usually. But I stayed. probably wouldn’t have if I was home alone but hubby was in bed and the kids were still running around so a little less creepy atmosphere. And Captain Freak in the clown makeup! I hate clowns. I hate clowns. I HATE CLOWNS!! They’re always creepy pervy dirty men. But what was with the chicken fucker scene? talk about random. I heard good things about his remake of Halloween but not sure if Iwant to spend the 2 hours on it anymore. Michael myers is the only freak that really creeps me out and I’m a little anxious about what Rob has done with him. Let me know what you thought…


Why I hate the Disney Channel

August 21, 2009

Okay. So tonight my 7 year old begged me to watch Jonas with her. Not just one episode, but 2. “Please mommy!!!!! They’re so cute”  There goes an hour of my life I’ll never get back. I really don’t know what the worst part was–the hideous wardrobes, the (lack of) acting, or the other Disney “stars” being shoved in our faces at every commercial break. Lets break it down and you can vote!

1. Kevin Jonas cannot act. at all. Fortunately since this is a Disney show, acting skills are optional.

2. Joe Jonas may indeed be gay. I know you’ve all heard the rumors too. I just never paid enough attention before to notice but it seems to be quite possible. at least bi if no totally gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that..just an observation.

3. Little Nicky Jonas is the most talented in the family, and according to daughter #2, the cutest. That is when pole-humper isn’t humping his leg and making stupid faces in pics with him. In addition to being musical, he is the only one who eve n comes close to pulling off the acting.

4. Zac & Nudie-Pic Twilight-clinger girl.  Unfortunately, Disney is doing a HSM (Holy Stupid Movie) double feature tomorrow so we were forced to listen to them attempt to sing during every break. I seriously almost vomited. Needless to say I won’t be tuning in tomorrow.

5. Selena Gomez. Next week is the “big” Wizards of  Waverly Place tv movie so they are promoting that right after the HSM spots. I actually think that’s an ok show. I just can’t stand her. I couldn’t stand her when she was on Barney either. Yes she was a Barney brat. The “video” of her singing the Craptastic classic “Magic” was another vomit-inducing moment. Hello? Disney? Can anybody hear me? Can anybody hear HER? She sings about as well as Kevin acts.

6. Pole-Humper Cyrus and her stripper-behavior-enabling father. Apparently there is a new episode of Hannah BLows on sunday so we had to hear about that and see the same clip 8 times. grrrr.

So what do you think? I’m pretty sure that the nauseating HSM couple was the worst part of the whole experience.  Vote below and tell me what’s your biggest pet peeve with Disney these days?

And now from one extreme to the other, still trying to get Zac & Nudie girl out my  head, gonna go watch Oz. Chris Keller (Christopher Meloni) is moving in tonight. Lucky Beecher.

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twitterville is f*cked-so here’s some DC!

August 20, 2009

Since Twitter is on again/off again today, I thought I would just sit back and enjoy me some pics of #1 on my Freebie 5. The one and only…DAVID COOK!!! I luv me some David Cook in the afternoon! (and all other times of the day too)

so yummy!

so cool!!

so serious

singing to me again! lol

and last…but certainly not least…

my absolute favorite

I could stare into those eyes forever…and ever…and ever…and you get the point.

I’m gonna wipe the drool off my keyboard now. Catch ya later!

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August 18, 2009

So I finished reading Evermore the other night. I suppose Icould have spent my time better but it was a gift so I gave it a try. However, I could have just read Twilight again, no? How did this woman not get sued? Granted, there were differences, like Damen (and I kept reading it Damien the whole time) was merely an immortal, not a vampire. Then he shouldn’t have been all pale and perfect and “sucking out the poison like you do with a snakebite” (sound familiar?)!  There were so many little images and phrases that were similar to Twilight that I almost started to picture Damen a lot more like Edward and Ever as a whiny brunette. Suffice it to say that I will not be reading the sequel “Blue Moon” (rhymes with…) unless I also recieve it as a gift, from my cancer suffering sister in law.
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the ex

August 17, 2009

don’t you just hate it when you run into that one ex that no matter how long it’s been, he still makes your heart skip a beat? especially when it was so unexpected that only afterward you realize that you must look like you just rolled out of bed, grabbed whatever you could find in the dark to wear and ran out of the house with your kids in tow? That’s how my morning has been so far. Ran into him this morning dropping of 2 of my kids for some playtime and arts and crafts at my local community center. It’s only around the corner from my house so we walked–in the 100 degrees. not my best look. So I sign in the kids and turn around and guess who’s there? I hate that. grrrr. I am so not looking forward to going back in an hour to get them. or am I?

update 9/16/09

OMG! I need to move out of this town already! He’s still everywhere I go lately!! soccer, preschool. I’m ready to scream!!

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so I go back to pick up my kids and it turns out that out of the 4 “classes” his are in the same one as mine. ugh. And, though I’m perfectly content to live in my *****-free bubble, he sees the need to throw out a “Hey, how are ya?”  well, I was just fine until about 3 seconds ago thanks. The worst part? he looked so good. why can’t he just age miserably like everyone else?? This is going to be  a long week…

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My ipod is totally a guy :(

August 13, 2009

To say that I love my ipod nano is a total understatement. If I could marry it and have it’s kids, I would. And with the music and pics loaded, they would look like RPattz and sing to me like David Cook. However, I have recently discovered that it MUST be a male piece of technology. It just isn’t doing what I want it to do.  It’s really pissing me off. I suppose I could cause the problems with it myself from overuse, serious overuse, but nothing drowns out the sound of fighting kids and hubby’s snoring better than Supermassive Black Hole straight to the eardrums! But, since it is no fun to blame yourself I would like to blame apple.  Because I can. So…the second pair of headphones in less than a year are failing. Sucks. I have to keep upping the volume. Soundcheck doesn’t work properly so Lady GuyGuy nearly deafens me. But since LoveGame is necessary for the mental images of Rob that come with it, I will suffer. (in case you missed it, that video is here)  Album covers come up blank, although they are clear in iTunes when loaded, and I am beginning to think that “shuffle” was never programmed right. A blind person missing 8 fingers could shuffle better! It just doesn’t follow my directions, So I’m pretty sure it’s male.

My hubby’s solution is contact apple, tell them it’s crap and send it back to be looked at. WTF?? Does he plan to sing to me every night? Didn’t think so. Is there an address I could send him back to??


I luv me some David Cook!!

and for the Robsessed...