July 8, 2009

So, this has been a tough week around my house. I have a devastated 7 year old and a terrible 2 year old. The one in the middle? -not so much trouble this week.  On to the explanation. The 7 year old just saw photos of Rpattz in his “I just got my ass kicked” makeup from Remember Me. Of course she thought it was real b/c she’s only 7. “OMG mom! What happened to Edward?” She thinks edward is real. No thanks to the Disney channel for making all their stars into musicians and vice versa. It’s no wonder kids are so confused. On that note, she was also very upset to hear about her favorite JoBro getting engaged. Honestly, with the bow ties, I didn’t really think he was anyone’s favorite, but whatever…

The 2 year old is just that. 2. Terrible 2. Screaming nonstop for NOTHING!

To top off all the fun–the youtube nonsense. Think I’ll try to sleep until next week and see if thats any better!

Now playing: Faithless – If loving you is wrong…
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