Rob Pattinson

July 8, 2009

I’m almost ashamed to admit t but yes, RPattz is my latest obsession. It’s not something I planned…just sorta snuck up on me. Didn’t expect to like Twilight or anyone in it but he is quite yummy!  I threw together a little video fo some of my favorite pics, but as yet cannot get it uploaded where anyone else can view it. I tried Youtube but they didn’t like my song and I didn’t want to change it so…I guess I’ll just enjoy it by myself for now 🙂



  1. Ok…I am twilight obsessed as well. Who knew? I watched the movie and got hooked. I ran out and bought the books and read the whole saga in 6 days. And since I have read it 3 times the whole way through and am currently on my 4th go around. My husband thinks i need help. He took me to the bookstore last weekend to get me some new books. I told him I have to finish reading books 3 and 4 before I can start the new books. My girls even know the CD and the movie since I listen/watch it all the time. Its an addiction.

    • I swore I wouldn’t be obsessed but just couldn’t help myself. Hubby also thinks I’m nuts. “How can you read that again? You know how it ends!”–as he sees me pulling out Breaking Dawn for the third time through the series… For some reason though, I am not allowed to apply that theory when he wants to watch Die Hard…again…It’s not like the ending changed! He bought me The Host by Stephenie Meyer figuring I would like it just as much. WRONG. sux. anyway…the girls have a friend over so time to quit obsessing and return to observing!

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