July 8, 2009

So youtube is really pissing me off. I made a video and posted it. They said my song was no good–copyright issues. So I chose from their sucky list of “approved” songs.  Audioswap cut my video in half.  According to the message boards, this was recently corrected so I deleted the video and uploaded it again. The first time I played it, it played my song at full length. When i went to edit info and thumbnail, we were back to copyright issues. switched the song–audioswap cut it off again.  So, for now I only have my hot RPattz pics/video on OneTrueMedia. I would post it here if anyone cared but I’m too cheap to upgrade to allow for videos. So for now I’m going to get back to my much neglected housework –Damn internet!! and screw youtube for the time being.

Now playing: The Krinkles – I Want You
via FoxyTunes


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