Nikki & Paris at the airport

August 6, 2009

Is she afraid he’s going to make a run for it??


That’s about how I hold on to my kids when they are trying to get away. She’s not even holding onto her luggage. Just her man. whatever…



August 2, 2009

so… I really have nothing to say tonight. Just bored. Hubby and the kids are asleep and I had a little too much sangria to continue reading Breaking Dawn so… here I am. Is it wrong that while I was having some quiet time with hubby LoveGame came on the satellite radio and all I could think of was the Rob Pattinson video?? all 27 secs of it?? hmmmm…guess it’s all good as long as  he doesn’t know, right?

So anyway…we had friends over tonight and drank too much again and watched The Incredible Hulk–Ed Norton version. He’s another one I wouldn’t throw out in the morning. Yum. I need to find a good picture of him to put in my banner. mmmmm. anywho…maybe I’ll do that now. Catch y’all later



July 24, 2009

Sooooo glad today’s comic con gave us the return of SmilingRob!! I’ve missed him in all his NY depression. Now the question is, is he smiling in anticipation of spending time with Kristen or because he’s rid of the daily eyesore that is Emilie?? hmmm

Thanks to FakerParis for the pics, and additionally to the original photog!


comic con

July 23, 2009

I get the feeling that I won’t be getting much done in the real world today. My favorite bloggers are at Comic Con in San Diego tweeting updates like every 15 seconds so…not that I’m complaining. Thanks JAG and Fakerparis! On one hand I wish I was there. On the other hand, I’d rather go deaf by being front row at a rock concert than by a bunch of screaming fangurls so it all works out just fine for me. So, I think I’m going to get another cup of coffee, sit back and watch the show from a safe distance, hearing intact.

I wonder if my local Burger King will have these come November?


Honestly, why is Summit still pushing team Jacob?  I thought everyone read the books by now!! If you didn’t yet–SPOILER ALERT–

Edward gets the girl.


Haven’t seen this yet today…

July 21, 2009



more new links

July 20, 2009

I just updated a few more links-this bunch is a group of Matt Damon info. I love him too. he’s yummy. Again, if you want me to remove your link, I’ll be more than happy to, just let me know!


Noot Seear Goes For Blood in ‘New Moon’ – Lifestyle News – WWD.com

July 20, 2009

Noot Seear Goes For Blood in ‘New Moon’ – Lifestyle News – WWD.com

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Maybe I missed something only reading the whole saga 3 times (so far) but wasn’t Heidi only in 1 chapter in New Moon and then never mentioned again? What could she possibly be contracted for in the last 2 movies? Now I’m a little worried about how far from the books the rest of the films will be!

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