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bad bad weekend

September 5, 2009

I realize that it is only Friday night but I think the best part of my holiday weekend has already passed. I believe that the highpoint will be having watched Becoming Jane. How can you not love a movie with James McAvoy’s naked ass? No matter how brief the scene was.  Naturally I thought today would be a good day, being Friday and all. I should’ve known when the 2 year old woke me up screaming. Nothing was wrong, except that Nina and Star weren’t on the TV. She still operates under the assumption that time stops when she sleeps and since they were on when she fell asleep…She was not happy with whatever her sisters had on. Anyway…So then I had to play referee all day between the two older ones. Not that this is anything new either. They are 7 and 5 and fight all day long. I wish Icould just go to sleep tonight and wake up Wed morning as the bus pulls away…oh dare to dream! Then, it was the first good hair day I had in about 2 weeks. Of course it was. I was cleaning all day for the dinner party from hell (scheduled for tomorrow) then off to soccer practice. Got eaten alive by damn mosquitoes. But I had the second best hair of all the soccer moms tonight!  Tomorrow I have to clean up whatever mess the kids made tonight and make eggplant parm for my unwanted guests. I would call them uninvited guests but hubby invited them. I really have no desire to cook for any of them or sit and listen to them complain all night but apparently I have no choice.  And they really are a bunch of complainers. I considered putting a layer of ground glass in the eggplant but I love it too much to not have any (didn’t really consider it till just now but…hmmm).  Guess I’ll just get drunk. Then, being a holiday weekend, hubby is off sun and mon to drive me nuts. Finish tiling the bathroom? no. Help me move the kids furniture to accomodate the third bed and dresser for the littlest to join the big girls room? no. Drive me insane with hunting shows and DIY? absolutely. Complain that I am reading and listening to my Ipod to avoid hunding shows and DIY? absolutely. He’s a complainer too.  Thanks for listening–is anybody? Gonna go blip some stuff now and cheer up before bed. hahaha Sweet dreams of Cookies & Rob!!!

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