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twitterville is f*cked-so here’s some DC!

August 20, 2009

Since Twitter is on again/off again today, I thought I would just sit back and enjoy me some pics of #1 on my Freebie 5. The one and only…DAVID COOK!!! I luv me some David Cook in the afternoon! (and all other times of the day too)

so yummy!

so cool!!

so serious

singing to me again! lol

and last…but certainly not least…

my absolute favorite

I could stare into those eyes forever…and ever…and ever…and you get the point.

I’m gonna wipe the drool off my keyboard now. Catch ya later!

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July 24, 2009

Sooooo glad today’s comic con gave us the return of SmilingRob!! I’ve missed him in all his NY depression. Now the question is, is he smiling in anticipation of spending time with Kristen or because he’s rid of the daily eyesore that is Emilie?? hmmm

Thanks to FakerParis for the pics, and additionally to the original photog!


Haven’t seen this yet today…

July 21, 2009



New Links

July 20, 2009

Hey there. If you hadn’t noticed, and lets be honest, nobody has, I added some new links. These are all links to Rob Pattinson fan sites that I love. and follow on twitter. If any of you want me to remove the link, no problem. Just let me know.  I’m also working on a new video. 4 more minutes of drooling fun. I can’t seem to get it quite the way I want it. Guess I’ll ponder a little longer and start reading New Moon again.  Just because I feel like watching it again,  here is the link to my first RPattz droolicious “glorified slideshow”