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the ex

August 17, 2009

don’t you just hate it when you run into that one ex that no matter how long it’s been, he still makes your heart skip a beat? especially when it was so unexpected that only afterward you realize that you must look like you just rolled out of bed, grabbed whatever you could find in the dark to wear and ran out of the house with your kids in tow? That’s how my morning has been so far. Ran into him this morning dropping of 2 of my kids for some playtime and arts and crafts at my local community center. It’s only around the corner from my house so we walked–in the 100 degrees. not my best look. So I sign in the kids and turn around and guess who’s there? I hate that. grrrr. I am so not looking forward to going back in an hour to get them. or am I?

update 9/16/09

OMG! I need to move out of this town already! He’s still everywhere I go lately!! soccer, preschool. I’m ready to scream!!

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so I go back to pick up my kids and it turns out that out of the 4 “classes” his are in the same one as mine. ugh. And, though I’m perfectly content to live in my *****-free bubble, he sees the need to throw out a “Hey, how are ya?”  well, I was just fine until about 3 seconds ago thanks. The worst part? he looked so good. why can’t he just age miserably like everyone else?? This is going to be  a long week…

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