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My ipod is totally a guy :(

August 13, 2009

To say that I love my ipod nano is a total understatement. If I could marry it and have it’s kids, I would. And with the music and pics loaded, they would look like RPattz and sing to me like David Cook. However, I have recently discovered that it MUST be a male piece of technology. It just isn’t doing what I want it to do.  It’s really pissing me off. I suppose I could cause the problems with it myself from overuse, serious overuse, but nothing drowns out the sound of fighting kids and hubby’s snoring better than Supermassive Black Hole straight to the eardrums! But, since it is no fun to blame yourself I would like to blame apple.  Because I can. So…the second pair of headphones in less than a year are failing. Sucks. I have to keep upping the volume. Soundcheck doesn’t work properly so Lady GuyGuy nearly deafens me. But since LoveGame is necessary for the mental images of Rob that come with it, I will suffer. (in case you missed it, that video is here)  Album covers come up blank, although they are clear in iTunes when loaded, and I am beginning to think that “shuffle” was never programmed right. A blind person missing 8 fingers could shuffle better! It just doesn’t follow my directions, So I’m pretty sure it’s male.

My hubby’s solution is contact apple, tell them it’s crap and send it back to be looked at. WTF?? Does he plan to sing to me every night? Didn’t think so. Is there an address I could send him back to??


I luv me some David Cook!!

and for the Robsessed...