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Why I hate the Disney Channel

August 21, 2009

Okay. So tonight my 7 year old begged me to watch Jonas with her. Not just one episode, but 2. “Please mommy!!!!! They’re so cute”  There goes an hour of my life I’ll never get back. I really don’t know what the worst part was–the hideous wardrobes, the (lack of) acting, or the other Disney “stars” being shoved in our faces at every commercial break. Lets break it down and you can vote!

1. Kevin Jonas cannot act. at all. Fortunately since this is a Disney show, acting skills are optional.

2. Joe Jonas may indeed be gay. I know you’ve all heard the rumors too. I just never paid enough attention before to notice but it seems to be quite possible. at least bi if no totally gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that..just an observation.

3. Little Nicky Jonas is the most talented in the family, and according to daughter #2, the cutest. That is when pole-humper isn’t humping his leg and making stupid faces in pics with him. In addition to being musical, he is the only one who eve n comes close to pulling off the acting.

4. Zac & Nudie-Pic Twilight-clinger girl.  Unfortunately, Disney is doing a HSM (Holy Stupid Movie) double feature tomorrow so we were forced to listen to them attempt to sing during every break. I seriously almost vomited. Needless to say I won’t be tuning in tomorrow.

5. Selena Gomez. Next week is the “big” Wizards of  Waverly Place tv movie so they are promoting that right after the HSM spots. I actually think that’s an ok show. I just can’t stand her. I couldn’t stand her when she was on Barney either. Yes she was a Barney brat. The “video” of her singing the Craptastic classic “Magic” was another vomit-inducing moment. Hello? Disney? Can anybody hear me? Can anybody hear HER? She sings about as well as Kevin acts.

6. Pole-Humper Cyrus and her stripper-behavior-enabling father. Apparently there is a new episode of Hannah BLows on sunday so we had to hear about that and see the same clip 8 times. grrrr.

So what do you think? I’m pretty sure that the nauseating HSM couple was the worst part of the whole experience.  Vote below and tell me what’s your biggest pet peeve with Disney these days?

And now from one extreme to the other, still trying to get Zac & Nudie girl out my  head, gonna go watch Oz. Chris Keller (Christopher Meloni) is moving in tonight. Lucky Beecher.

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