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August 2, 2009

so… I really have nothing to say tonight. Just bored. Hubby and the kids are asleep and I had a little too much sangria to continue reading Breaking Dawn so… here I am. Is it wrong that while I was having some quiet time with hubby LoveGame came on the satellite radio and all I could think of was the Rob Pattinson video?? all 27 secs of it?? hmmmm…guess it’s all good as long asĀ  he doesn’t know, right?

So anyway…we had friends over tonight and drank too much again and watched The Incredible Hulk–Ed Norton version. He’s another one I wouldn’t throw out in the morning. Yum. I need to find a good picture of him to put in my banner. mmmmm. anywho…maybe I’ll do that now. Catch y’all later